Restore Windows 7 Registry Hive

When Windows won’t boot and Startup repair doesn’t fix the problem, one of the causes may be that the registry has become corrupt and need restoring from a backup

Step 1:

Boot into Windows recovery, you may need a Windows installation disc to do this


Step 2:
If you are booting from an installation disc, you may be prompted to "Press any key to boot from CD"



Step 3:
Then it will give you language selection option click Next



Step 4:
Then you’ll find and option to “Repair your Computer”



Step 5:
You might be prompted to Select the Operating System i.e. Windows 7. if you are, select your operating system and click Next.


Note: Some occasions you’ll not find any operating system listed. Don’t panic just click Next


Step 6:
Now click on “Command Prompt”



Step 7:
Under command prompt type in C: and press enter (Assuming C drive is Windows installation folder)
Type in cd Windows\System32\Config and press Enter

Then type in MD Temp and press Enter. Command prompt will flash once.


Step 8:
Then lets make a backup of these files. Enter the following commands

copy BCD-Template Temp and Press Enter

copy COMPONENTS Temp and Press Enter

copy DEFAULT Temp and Press Enter

copy SAM Temp and Press Enter

copy SECURITY Temp and Press Enter

copy SOFTWARE Temp and Press Enter

copy SYSTEM Temp and Press Enter

Step: 9

Then type in the following commands

ren BCD-Template BCD-Template.bak and Press Enter

ren COMPONENTS COMPONENTS.bak and Press Enter

ren DEFAULT DEFAULT.bak and Press Enter

ren SAM SAM.bak and Press Enter

ren SOFTWARE SOFTWARE.bak and Press Enter

ren SECURTY SECURITY.bak and Press Enter

ren SYSTEM SYSTEM.bak and Press Enter


Step 10:

Then type in the following commands

copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\Regback\BCD-Template C:\Windows\System32\Config\BCD-Template and Press Enter

copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\Regback\COMPONENTS C:\Windows\System32\Config\COMPONENTS and Press Enter

copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\Regback\DEFAULT C:\Windows\System32\Config\DEFAULT and Press Enter

copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\Regback\SAM C:\Windows\System32\Config\SAM and Press Enter

copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\Regback\SECURITY C:\Windows\System32\Config\SECURITY and Press Enter

copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\Regback\SOFTWARE C:\Windows\System32\Config\SOFTWARE and Press Enter

copy C:\Windows\System32\Config\Regback\SYSTEM C:\Windows\System32\Config\SYSTEM and Press Enter


CD Regback

cd *.* ..


Step 11:

Now type in Exit and Click on Restart

Your computer will now restart and hopefully successfully boot Windows.

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